The Campaigns of the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation

Launched initially via the donation page, Miracle Projects have been the most visible aspect of the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation.

And for many reasons this is quite understandable, especially given the amount of donations received in such a short period of time — over $400,000 in under 90 days — which is quite remarkable given the lack of celebrity endorsement or major backer.

In fact, the majority of initial donations to the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation, and hence to the Miracle Projects, have come through generous donations of average citizens, most of which have totaled under $50.

Thus far, the Foundation has successfully delivered meats, vegetables, fruits and other foodstuffs to thousands of food-challenged families in Utah, with other Miracle Projects planned for this Fall and early Winter.

Brief summaries of the initial Miracle Projects of the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation are found on the following pages.